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There’s always something fun going on at Spring-Mar!

2018 is here, and school is back in full-swing! (That is, when classes aren’t being canceled or delayed due to cold, snowy weather or WIND!) Speaking of the cooler temps, just a reminder to parents to dress your children appropriately for the outdoors. We try and make every effort to let the children have outdoor play-time during the winter, unless temperatures are below freezing. Outdoor play is VERY important to children’s development and well-being. It’s great for large motor skills like running, jumping, climbing, throwing, catching, balancing, etc. It’s also great for emotional and social development since children are often inventing games when they play outside. SO, please be sure and bundle your children up when you send them off to school–it will help them learn!

Since we’ve been stuck inside during some of these cold spells already, now is a great time to clean out those closets for the upcoming Unique FUNdrive March 18-23. Donate your unwanted household goods and the school earns money! Spring-Mar families are being challenged to bring five bags of goods, labeled into Soft (clothing, blankets, towels, etc), Hard (toys, kitchen items, sports goods, etc), and Media (Books, CDs, DVDs, etc)

Important Upcoming Dates:
March 18-23 FUNdrive
March 20-21 Fun Days: Around the World
March 26-April 2 NO SCHOOL